At Heads Up Porting, we pride ourselves on outstanding service. Check out some of the things our customers have to say about us!

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"Torque and traction rather than just horsepower and wheel spin…
             Don't forget to increase your physical training regime
             so you can hold on to your bike!” 

- Byron – Colorado Motocrosser and Track Owner

“Unbelievable, fantastic, excellent, I think I hurt my wrists ;-). I'm doing jumps I've never done. I can't thank you enough for all the work you guys did on my bike. It is super!!!”

- Ed - Senior B Motocross

“I now have better overall power from the low end to the top! The bike is actually easier to ride & my starts are right at the front of the pack. We have been VERY pleased with the porting, quality of workmanship, knowledge and guidance we have received from Heads Up Porting.”

- Bryan – 125 B Motocross, 250 Pro Flat-track

"Totally awesome. Absolutely impressive power, excellent delivery throughout the turns and coming out of the turns. Very smooth with no flat spots anywhere. I tried a couple of times to bog it down in a high gear coming out of the turns, it just grunted and accelerated out perfectly. :) Simply put, a freakingly awesome set-up."

- Tom - Pro Ice-Race and Supermoto

“WOW! Your work certainly made the big jumps a breeze – I’m now scrubbing jumps that I used to have to power off of. Still, I think what impressed me the most was the smooth power band – I’ve found myself going through the corners much faster without losing traction – and always with enough power to get myself out of trouble. Much better than anything else I’ve tried. Thanks!”

- John – 250 Pro Motocross/Supercross

“I have to say this thing screams. It's so crisp if your not careful it'll rip you right off the bike. I'm super happy I wish I wouldn't have blown my fork seals so fast. I’m accidentally over jumping some sections on the track because this thing gets such good traction."

- Josh – YZ250 Rider and Track Owner

“At first, I was hesitant to use Heads Up because I hadn’t heard anything about your work; I was just planning on sending my cylinder and head to Pro Circuit - which was going to take two or more weeks and would have been nothing more than a production modification. What I got from Heads Up was a more personalized mod, and it took them less than a week to get it finished. Heads Up was very easy to comm- unicate with and did an excellent job with my CRF250. I couldn’t believe how much power you got out of it; I feel very confident on the line now that my bike is one of the fastest ones out there. Working with everyone at Heads Up was a pleasure and I look forward to having them build any bikes that I have in the future."

- Zach - 125 Pro Motocross/Supercross

“IT JUST RIPS!!!! All the way through the RPM range. Gone are the days of just whacking the throttle for immediate power, req- uires meaningful modulation of the right wrist. Thanks again.

- Howard - CRF250X trails rider

“I would like to thank Heads Up Porting for the good work they have done. The power difference is huge - it helped throughout every gear, especially in the bottom end and the mid-range. Hole shots should not be a problem. Oh yeah, they even called me months latter to make sure I was still happy, how often does that happen - never. Again thank you guys."

- Richard – 250 B Motocross/Supercross

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